Levon The Foodie

A gal whose obsessions lie within fat, sugar, carbs, caffeine, and beverages that could strengthen the heart or seal up a womb.

El Palenque Mexican Grill – Bakersfield CA

So during lunch I was expecting to do a quickie food run and ended up at a mexican spot in Bakersfield.  I mean it wouldn’t even make sense to refer to it as authentic.  More like staple in Cali.  The spot was small, festive and smelled right.  So I decided to keep it simple and get the carne asada tacos (corn of course) with relatively low expectations due to the fact that I was so hungry and didn’t really care, and keep it moving.  The pleasant and probably slightly entertained by my jacked up Spanish waitress brought out my plate and ended up devouring my food in T-5min.  The tacos were absolutely amazing and could not have been better seasoned.  In all honesty reflecting on the whole scenario, I probably should’ve expected it.  The typical single waitress, with the solo cook right in the front doing his thing, and the “sell you whatever you are naïve enough to buy” local walk-in vendor type spots are always the town’s best kept secret.  The food was amazing and aside from the slightly tipsy old man that took it upon himself to accompany me in my booth, the vibe was just right. Cheers to the not quite hole in the wall on Niles.  Tuck your purse, ditch the pearls, bring an appetite, and you’ll feel right at home.


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