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Elephant Bar – Bakersfield CA

So for dinner I just wanted cheap apps.  So what did I do?  I did what every person stuck in a small town out west does and searched for an Elephant Bar.  It’s a safe bet, it’s better than Red Lobster, and they have a great happy hour.  I was in the mood for sangria, landed on that and although cute in presentation…   .. it lacked punch.  And I ain’t referring to Hawaiian.  Their house Merlot was surprisingly superb though.  Go figure.   I opted for the tempura salmon roll and it was safe.   

..Don’t even ask why I decided on tempura salmon roll at Elephant Bar but I did.  Nevermind that.  Maybe I was still slightly in a state of confusion from the drunk old guy who completely and quite unapologetically mind you, invaded my booth earlier at lunch.  Either way, another slightly embarrassing but honest dessert choice I made at, yes the Elephant Bar, was the crème brulee.  And, it was umm, it was good actually.  Chainy good due to the little cheesy drop of whipped cream placed on the top (who does that??) but not bad.  So I end by saying, franchises are not always a bad thing.  All depends on your mood and how little amount of advertising they have.  The less the better I find.  Just saying.


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4 thoughts on “Elephant Bar – Bakersfield CA

  1. flashback80style on said:

    not sure if i could handle it but i’m a fan of drinks that look sexy to hold.

  2. You and the whole state of FL. Elephant Bar is extremely popular….. And your sexy suit would get you a $0 bar tab.

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