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The Roxbury Hollywood segues to Juicy Burger..

So the details of the other night and how we ended up at a club in Hollywood on a Saturday are still a bit sketchy.  Living in the NY area for well over five years has taught me the value of avoiding coming out on the weekends in major cities, unless of course you have friends in from out of town or get an invite by that special new person.  It’s just too many reasons to name.  Anyway, somehow we ended up at the Roxbury in Hollywood.  I will just say that particular club deserves all the respect in the world, on so many levels.  The club had multiple floors with multiple djs which translated to multiple genres and multiple types of crowds.  The actual patrons were cool, but not too cool to actually have fun and dance and do what you’re typically supposed to do in a club.   In addition, the security guards actually acted like security guards – can you imagine?  They had an absolute zero tolerance for total drunkenness policy, and the keen attention to detail on management’s part made this a relatively bearable and overall fun experience.  All I can say is, if you have a super duper high tolerance and it takes 19 drinks for anyone to halfway notice you’re even tipsy, you’ll be fine.  On the flipside if you are that one girl/guy in the group that your friends consider designating themselves the designated driver after your first drink, don’t go to the Roxbury.  You’ll be mad at yourself minutes later when you’re politely escorted out and you’ll be over at Juicy’s drowning out your miseries with an 11oz burger.  That’s exactly where we ended up, but it wasn’t due to being caught drunk.  It was because the cleverly disguised inebriation caused us to wander over to Juicy’s and out of Roxbury on our own. That and the fact that the clubs in LA start turning on their lights at 1:30.  So around 1:50ish we headed over to post-club heaven, and indulged in beef patties that were enough to feed elephants and fried potatoes that were just, really entirely too many.  Juicy Burger is a popular burger joint in Hollywood and as luck would have it that night, was conveniently located right across the street from the club.  All in all I’d say we struck gold.



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