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The Napa Valley moment in the Trader Joe’s cheese isle

For some reason my mind drifted off to La La Land today while I was in the cheese isle in my food sanctuary Trader Joe’s. All the cheese choices made me think of one of my partially company-sponsored trips out to Napa Valley.  The trip itself was in Sacramento but who in their right mind is going to pass up an opportunity to wander off to Napa or Silicon when they have an over nighter in a less than popular hotel in Sacramento off the infamous Richards Blvd?  So the slight logistical error made by the new admin girl in the office made my decision quite simple, and 45 minutes later I was in wine and cheese lovers’ paradise.  Stunning views of San Fran and Napa Valley, free cheese, relatively cool people and a $15 tasting buffet of good wine made for the perfect escape from the street crawlers on Richards and the monotony of being stuck in a hotel on business by yourself.

Artesa Winery – Napa Valley CA


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