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Justin Timberlake’s sexy is not back in his restaurant..

So I heard a lot about Justin Timberlake‘s restaurant Southern Hospitality, and had only visited the one on the UES NY for a private party.  And because I’m not one to always rely on other people’s judgement like I did with Idlewild, when everyone bashed that movie and I simply adored it and thought Bryan Barber was genius, I decided to formulate my own opinion.  Also we happened to conveniently walk by the Hell’s Kitchen location and therefore decided to give it a shot despite the not so rave reviews.  Although the astmosphere mentally completely took me home to North Carolina, the food on the other hand unfortunately didn’t quite match up.  The drink was weird but that could’ve possibly been due to me being fancy and modifying the ingredients.  The fried buffalo shrimp tasted and looked buffalo but was more like mush shrimp than fried.  The mac n cheese was a step up but wasn’t anything special to warrant an ooooooh moment. So if you want to go for the sake of saying you went to good ol’ JT’s restaurant, then by all means stop by.  But do just that. Don’t order the buffalo shrimp and don’t get cute with the drinks.  If you’re in the mood for BBQ’s but want something a quarter of a star fancier and minus the crowd, the inflated prices will definitely help you with that illusion.


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