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Edible Treasures at Antrel Rolle NFL Draft Week Party

So as I waited for my fashionably late friends to show up to the TR Luxury Group’s first series of NFL Draft Parties of the week, I conversed with the lovely Ms. Vicky P of Cakes By Me Vicky P.  She was waiting on her staff and I was waiting on my friends, so we chatted it up about the important issues in life like red velvet, buttercream dream, carrot cake, and Antrel Rolle and how well he layers onto a cake.  I sampled her edible treasures and was delightfully surprised.  Her cakes were actually rich, moist and tasteful, and not just beautiful and dry.  Kudos to Vicky.  Although it would’ve been nice to have sampled the Philippe Chow passed hors d’oeuvres pre-Cakes By Me Vicky P, my palate was happy.


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7 thoughts on “Edible Treasures at Antrel Rolle NFL Draft Week Party

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    These cakes look amazing!!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    The spread looks amazing

  4. TiffanyLatrise on said:

    They look great, I love the little tiny bites sizes!

  5. The mini cupcakes were good but the cake pops were even more heavenly. Everything was a hit.

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