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Sofrito Midtown East NY – Decent Food, Delusional Waitstaff

My what was once a “if you ever have a big appetite with a little wallet” write-up unfortunately was abolished when the seething demeanor completely engulfed everyone at the table when the check came out.  The part of the evening where the calculator feature was being simultaneously utilized on everyone’s smart phones is where phase two of the madness began.  Phase one was when the barely bilingual waitress brought out a second pitcher of Sangria that we never asked for and started pouring and then rapidly scurrying off while pretending to not hear or see our confusion. The rave review over the food portion of the Sofrito experience and how amazing it was is pretty much null and void at this point due to the nightmarish level of customer service we encountered.  All in all, the “I’ve been working here for 23 years” waitress tried to pull a fast one and stiff us with an extra pitcher of sangria and the management’s idea of diffusing the situation in turn escalated it. I’ll spare you the lengthy deets and simply say, if you’re hungry and on a budget, ask for their carryout menu and hit the road.  Don’t even get comfortable enough to be pressured into buying a drink at the bar while waiting on your order.  Just check your Facebook and Twitter account to kill time and then grab your bag and think about all the cable options that await you at home as the security guy opens the door for you on your way out.  Our unnecessarily stressful experience at this restaurant inevitably forces me to suggest that dining in at this establishment is just not a winning situation.  Sadly enough, I didn’t have the motivation to upload the awesome pictures we took of the food we ordered.  If you’re still interested at this point (kind of like that moment when a friend tells you how horrible a movie is, and then for some strange reason you want to see it even more) feel free to go to Yelp for a visual.


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2 thoughts on “Sofrito Midtown East NY – Decent Food, Delusional Waitstaff

  1. Not yelp. Von, you are killing me.

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