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Beauty & Essex LES NY

I guess I should take advantage of Beauty & Essex one more time while I’m still in NY.  From the popularity alone, this is one of those spots you frequent just because.  Everyone adores the management team and on top of that, every aspect of the establishment is directly on point.  The food, the drinks, the ambience, the dj’s iTune library, and the fact that the place just has major lower east side swag, constitutes this as a Manhattan hotspot.  It’s a perfect date spot, friends spot, special occasion spot, and frankly anything spot.  Chris Santos and his fusion blend style cuisine, combined with their particularly nurturing and meticulous customer service make it a favorite amongst NY’s trendy, hipster, society, and “we’re in town and this was at the top of our list” social circles.  The prices aren’t cheap, however if an unforgettable experience is what you’re after, I doubt you’ll even notice.  Don’t be thrown off by the 1940s pawn shop setup downstairs with the Biggie Smalls figurines

 and rock n roll circa 1970s guitar collection

and vintage gun keychains. 

Once you go upstairs and see all the fabulous faces and happy spirits circling the bar, you’ll instantly know the buzz was worthy.  Order a few drinks and appetizers and I guarantee you your “we’re just gonna pop in for a drink” attitude will change when you see those eye-catching entrees start pouring out to your neighbors.  Also, if you have a sweet tooth and your savvy server talks you into looking at the sugar crack portion of the menu, you’ll probably inevitably end up cancelling your spot number two plans and being entrapped in a level of euphoria a dessert fiend like myself only dreams about.

Oven Braised Chicken Meatballs, Kale and Apple Salad, Lobster Tacos

Black Bottomed Butterscotch Pot de Creme, Box of Doughnuts


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