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Ok so at first I thought the idea was stupid. Yep just stupid. But I have to admit, after watching the video of the entire process and seeing the actual condition of the dispensed cupcake, I might actually be thirsty enough to shoot over to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills next week when I’m in town. I’m just saying. ~ Levon Saunders


Sprinkles in Beverly Hills now has an automated cup cake dispenser.   I’m curious to know how much they are as they don’t say in the video ($3.50 is the price on line I wonder if it’s more for the convenience?).  This seems so LA to me and so about car culture…. this way you don’t have to interact with annoying people.  Of course I say that snarkily but if I was walking by I’d want to at least try it once.   Though really I’d rather to go Butter Lane and have them make one especially to my liking then have one from a machine.  Just another reason I don’t live in LA.  Oh and I don’t drive…

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    I love it lets go get one!!!

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