Levon The Foodie

A gal whose obsessions lie within fat, sugar, carbs, caffeine, and beverages that could strengthen the heart or seal up a womb.

Crack Covered Ice Cream – aka Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

How innovative is a donut ice cream sandwich??  I thought Lupe Fiasco’s donut burger was crafty and interesting. Well Hell’s Kitchen’s “Holey Cream” is perfectly aware.  Just when I went from thinking the cupcake gourmet vending machine was unecessary and stupid to brilliant and LA smart, a donut with ice cream in the center is conceptualized right in the smack of Manhattan. Love it!!  According to one of my good friends and fellow FPIC, you can customize your donut sandwich, choosing your icing and toppings.  Then they dip it and top it right in front of you and then bam.  Your whole inner fat girl/boy’ day is changed.   Frankly I think my life may be changed.  Until I actually make the field trip to this place, all I can do is pray and imagine that their donuts are remotely close to the level of Krispy Kreme.  That may be setting the bar a little bit too high, but one can only hope.  At any rate, at this point I need to just Path it to the 2 train and just go. I’ve said enough.


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