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Max Brenner’s Chocolate Crackhouse

You know how bodegas are cover-ups for drug dealings and pawn shops are cover-ups for gun shops and massage parlors are, well you see where I’m going with this.  Well I’m a firm believer that Chocolate by the Bald Man Max Brenner is a cover-up restaurant for sugar fiends like none other than myself, disguised with a bunch of normal restaurant menu type items.  As tourist-flooded and predictably super crowded as this place gets each and every weekend, Max Brenner is one of my favorite brunch spots in the city.  If you’re like me and have a nagging sweet tooth, you just may be stepping into heaven (plugs Robert Kelly into Spotify) the minute you open the doors to this place.  That is, given the doors aren’t already inevitably open with the line of people forming down Broadway.  This place is a popular Union Square choice for Sundays in NYC  amongst the tourists and the sugar fiended out locals, as well as any other day of the week that your sugar addiction is active and full throttle.  The menu is like no other and will require you to tuck aside the smart phones and Blackberries for at least ten minutes to study over the mouth-watering choices on the pages.  It’s one of those annoyingly wonderful menus that have so much to choose from, you spend more time deciding on a dish than it takes for the food to actually come out.  One thing is certain though, whatever you choose, you will be more than satisfied.  Beware of the heavy sugar content of 90% of the menu items, hence the restaurant name.  Good luck, enjoy, and brace yourself for a potentially massive sugar crash or even worse… to become addicted to the Bald Man.

Banana Split Waffles – vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate truffle, caramelized rice krispies

Chocolate Chai – warm white chocolate sauce and blended spicy thai leaves

“I invite you to watch, smell and taste my love story” Max Brenner  

“His story made me laugh, cry and crash” Levon Saunders


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3 thoughts on “Max Brenner’s Chocolate Crackhouse

  1. pintsizedinfluence on said:

    No one ever told me about the banana split waffle! Why? I need this now.

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