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Best Calamari Award Goes To..

Since talk of sea scavengers has arisen quite a bit as of lately, I may as well disclose some critical information to those of you who live in the Queen City or plan on visiting.  I’ve tried countless calamari appetizer dishes in my time and I have to say, expect the unexpected when I hip you onto who has the most well prepared calamari.  Can you guess??  Well ladies and gentlemen, the best calamari award goes to none other than Sullivan’s Steakhouse at South End, Charlotte.  Both myself and my N. Carolinian FPIC were stunned at how amazing it tasted.  We were honestly just trying to cure some late night munchies and all I can say is that pure silence took over the table when the dish came out.  Served in a sweet and spicy peanut sauce, drizzled with peanut shavings and green onions, these crispy calamari were large, fresh, well fried, and dressed to perfection.  So Charlotte, congrats.  Although you are certainly known for more than your battered and fried squid, you have impressed me beyond belief with your Crispy Shanghai Calamari from Sullivan’s Steakhouse at South End.  A calamari lover couldn’t ask for more.  Or could they?..


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2 thoughts on “Best Calamari Award Goes To..

  1. chris on said:

    Bring it to California!!!!

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