Levon The Foodie

A gal whose obsessions lie within fat, sugar, carbs, caffeine, and beverages that could strengthen the heart or seal up a womb.

Inglewood Is Not On Fire

If you’re riding down Spruce or Market and see the massive amount of smoke, do not be alarmed, it’s just Woody’s Bar-B-Que.  This is certainly not an easy spot to miss and especially with your windows rolled down. The smell of BBQ is exactly what lured me into this little establishment. Lady’s Lunch was what I landed on.  The chopped bbq beef was succulent and sweet, and the smoked bbq chicken links were pretty awesome. The baked beans were great and I appreciated the way they let me mix both hot and mild for my seasoning.  A near heart attack experience at the infamous Cluck-U-Chicken in Upper Marlboro, MD taught me the significance of testing a foreign restaurant’s sauce before placing an entire order. That’s for another blog entry though. So yeah, mixed bbq was the was the way to go. If I’m roaming around Inglewood next week and am in carnivorous mode, all I have to do is follow the smoke and all my bbq dreams will come true.


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