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Palazzio State Street Santa Barbara

On a massive Italian hunt in downtown Santa Barbara, my FPIC and I were lured into Palazzio by the massive amount of people.  We knew we were in for a treat due to the crowd.  The menu had a wide selection of sauces, pastas and meats and I ended up ordering the fettuccine chicken alfredo.  Contrary to how amazing it looked,

 it had this unforgiving peppery taste that I couldn’t figure out.  I made my FPIC try it to make sure I wasn’t missing a memo on some new spicy alfredo technique, and by her reaction I concluded that it probably was a rushing chef moment where he accidentally over peppered my chicken.   So I did something that I absolutely never do and asked the server if I could try the same dish but with the vodka sauce.  I figured if we’re gonna have the spicy chicken moment we may as well top it off with pink sauce and not white.  So when the slightly modified dish finally returned, I found that the vodka sauce was a good choice for the heavily seasoned chicken.  It worked. 

 The food turned out good, the wait staff were amazing, it’s a relatively lively establishment, they have vegetarian pasta upon request if that’s your sort of thing, and they have the honor system house wine decanters.  Viva la Palazzio Santa Barbara. I’d go again.


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2 thoughts on “Palazzio State Street Santa Barbara

  1. OMG! The top one looks good and I kind of like spicy foods. (Can’t say if I can stomach an UNFORGIVING peppery taste, tho) I’m hungry now! Great!

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