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Are Restaurants With Computerized Menus Winning The Way Geeks Are in 2012??

What was supposed to be a brief errand run turned into a full throttle trip to the mall and a menu vs ambience battle between The Lazy Dog Cafe and Stacked in Cerritos for dinner.  I was in the mood for something different atmosphere-wise but decided to stop by The Lazy Dog Cafe first due to its numbers friendly happy hour with half priced sangrias and apps, and its painless commute of hanging a right outside of the complex.  So I ordered a rather pleasing drink and app then wandered over to Stacked to see what all the buzz was about since the high tech restaurant was all the Cerritos locals had been talking about all day during my appointment runs.  Stacked is essentially a full-service restaurant with an innovative ordering approach that enables you to control when you order and pay, and customize your meal in a sort of uninhibited way.  After walking in and being coached on the self order customization process, I easily surpassed the 30 sec Ipad menu learning curve as most would in 2012, and decided on the custom macaroni and cheese aka Stacked Mac.  While going through the Ipad style menu, I couldn’t help but to wonder how humorous it would be to watch standard keyboard Blackberry users, members of the last man standing flip phone community, and non-touchscreen savvy people stumble through the order process.  It’s certainly not an experience that the old school diner types would easily embrace before walking out and going to the nearby Olive Garden or Fuddrucker’s.  Although geeks are winning in 2012 I’m not sure restaurants with the new method of technology that Stacked is offering are, with the mainstream anyway.  Even though it is unequivocally an interesting dining experience, I question whether we are ready to forfeit food quality and human interaction for the computerized dining technology and experience??  Although cool as hell, I’m curious to know how cool it is to the masses. I’ll let you be the judge.   


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4 thoughts on “Are Restaurants With Computerized Menus Winning The Way Geeks Are in 2012??

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Pretty soon, robots will be doing all the cooking at restaurants…:*(

  2. pintsizedinfluence on said:

    Wow! I used to wait tables and totally saw this coming. If I would have acted on it, I would probably be rich now. LOL

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