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The Secret Ingredients in LA’s Best Cheesecake

Canter’s Deli on N. Fairfax has the best cheesecake in W. Hollywood.  On top of the euphoric experience in my rental car with this classic cheesecake chunk of heaven, I was able to find the actual recipe from Angela on

 Canter’s Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

 So there you have it, from the Fairfax bakery to Angela’s kitchen.  Are you up for the challenge??  Or are you gonna simply wait it out until your next trip to W. Hollywood??


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4 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredients in LA’s Best Cheesecake

  1. Anonymous on said:

    You are going to make me stop by the Cheese Cake Factory and pick up a slice…seriously. You need to make one of your legendary Alfredo dishes, have a tasting party, take pics, write up and post on here. Oh by the way, Levon Saunders makes the best Alfredo sauce in the f’in word…hands down..:)

    Thomas S

  2. pintsizedinfluence on said:

    Ooh this looks yummy! How did it taste when you made it?

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