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From Bravo to Largo – Timothy Dean’s New Burger Joint

When I heard about my former boss’s new restaurant in Largo, MD I had to drop by.  The recession proof  menu items filled with gourmet burgers and pizza, are certainly a departure from Tim’s five star past.  Celebrity Chef Timothy Dean – former contestant on DC Top Chef knows gourmet food, but more importantly in this economy knows exactly that, this economy.  It’s hard to imagine the staunch Five Guys fanbase waving a flag and making an effortless transition to the TD Burger Bar at the Boulevard at the Capital Centre -aka- Cap Blvd, but best believe if it’s something new, people will try it.  With the departure of several old Boulevard faithfuls, it’s definitely time for a resurgence of good restaurants.  Based on my experience, I think the locals will be pleased. ** The Martin O’Malley is excellent (The Rub, Coleslaw, Smoked Gouda, BBQ Sauce, Kosher Pickle) at $7.50** If you’re after a cut and dry (no pun intended) classic burger then Five Guys might be what you’re after.  But if you’re intrigued by the big, juicy patties with toppings along the lines of watercress and heart of palm, jalapeno aioli and mustard horseradish sauce, smoked gouda and melted sweet maui onions, or portabello mushroom, TD Burger will likely be right up your alley.  The ingredients are fresh and the burger combinations are eclecticly crafted by Timothy Dean himself.  If you were as fortunate as I, to have had the pleasure of experiencing and being a part of his five star Jean-Louis Palladin influenced dishes from back in the post-911 era, you know what to expect from him.  Back when the Timothy Dean Restaurant was situated a block from the White House at the St. Regis Hotel.  This time he’s giving it to you in a more casual, Largo conducive setting minus bitter battles with him and English Starwood GMs.  As Kit Waskom Pollard of the Baltimore Sun put it “The vibe is fast food, but the food — burgers, fries and gourmet pizzas — is worthy of white tablecloths”.  With Tim’s keen sense of culinary taste and expertise, and his tenacious personality, combined with the Upper Prince George’s County demographic, I’m sure this gourmet burger joint will be just fine.


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4 thoughts on “From Bravo to Largo – Timothy Dean’s New Burger Joint

  1. Minus the bacon, that burger looks great. I can’t believe it’s been that long since you worked at Timothy Dean’s. Isn’t that the place you told me you served Fat Joe and his crew?

    Thomas S

  2. TiffanyLatrise on said:

    Your blogs are making this fast I’m on quite difficult……looks mouth watering!

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