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My Exclusiv Cocktail

 So I don’t usually post homeade cocktail concoctions on here but I had to share this one.  So after a decent workout at the gym in my building I figured I could afford to pile on a few extra calories.  So I did exactly that.  After my flatbread veggie pizza I created, I ate a few of my carrot cupcakes I made from the other night, and didn’t stop there.  My rationale consisting of, it’s Friday and I don’t have much work left on my laptop.  So the potential cocktail ingredients cogs churning in my head led me to searching through my fridge to see what I could come up with.  After playing around with a few natural juices I came up with the following…

Zola Acai, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Natural Garden Aloe Vera, Natural Garden Coconut, and a few organic blackberries..

 I then threw in some Exclusiv Orange flavored Vodka (courtesy of a care package a friend of mine left me) into the concoction..

..and ice and then voila…


It was quite refreshing.  Perfect even.   These brands (mainly Natural Garden, Exclusiv Vodka, and Oceanspray cranberry juice) can be substituted for whatever brands you have in your fridge, none-the-less, the combination of fruit juices is great.  I have to say.  So cheers!  Do try this at home..


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2 thoughts on “My Exclusiv Cocktail

  1. boulalovestoeat on said:

    This sounds great. I’ve heard about organic vodka. Sounds appropriate for this mixture.

  2. Now this is what I’m talking about Lee…

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