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Diva – Soho NY

Quite eventful evening this was.  Apparently Kenyans get wild.  They do actually… Or at least from my experience this particular Friday night at Diva in Soho NYC.  Aside from the lively evening, a relatively satisfying Red Snapper was the lasting impression I walked away with from Diva Soho. The martinis were reminiscent of your older brother’s Kool Aid circa 1992, and the Lemon Drops were like someone’s grandmother’s lemonade, literally.  However it’s not as satisfying and fulfilling when someone’s grandmother’s lemonade is $12 a pop. On the flip side, the snapper and vibrant, Kenyan-embodied ambience played an integral role in my salvation for the evening.  The fish was a win.  Not to mention the Kenyan dj.  The Kool Aidy cocktails however, I could pass on in the future…

Oven Roasted Red Snapper with tomato salsa and arborio rice


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One thought on “Diva – Soho NY

  1. Man this looks good! For a second, I thought that was a pork chop. Thank God its not..:)

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