Levon The Foodie

A gal whose obsessions lie within fat, sugar, carbs, caffeine, and beverages that could strengthen the heart or seal up a womb.

Lunch on the New Haven Pizza Hut

Because Mama Mary’s Soul Food was closed (on Mondays apparently), I wandered off to the next closest soul food shack on Whalley Ave in New Haven, CT.  This was only to approach a counter and dining area with no one in it.  Possible tumbleweeds.. I pretty much took it as a sign that I needed to just cut my losses and head to the first chain within reasonable distance. So after thinking about that wonderful P’zone commercial from after about a million episodes of Family Guy, I shot into the local Pizza Hut. Well the food fairies were clearly creating all these prior obstacles to inevitably lure me into this place, because the minute I walked in, it was filled with tables of food. All I remember was them saying something about them having a store opening and to help myself to whatever I wanted.  …for free. So there you have it  folks. I’m writing about the Pizza Hut on Walley and Tour to let you know my lunch was on them today. Shout out to the  glorious food angels that led me here. I got my veggie P’zone and more today..



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