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Wasabi Fusion, Minneapolis

With flavorful tuna, crab and shrimp rolls and enticing tempura cheesecake, Wasabi Fusion is one of Minneapolis’s Japanese hidden treasures.  Wasabi Fusion is the sushi, hibachi and bar part of the dual Japanese restaurant of Wasabi, that consists of Izakaya and Wasabi Fusion.  They are located at S. Washington Ave downtown Minneapolis and are conveniently located across the street from the aLoft Hotel that I always stay at for work.  I haven’t tried the Japanese hot pot items at Izakaya but will say that the sushi at Wasabi is very good.  It’s vibrant, colorful, and rich in taste as you would expect with authentic sushi.  Most importantly, it’s fresh and has good texture.

The 9 piece sushi combination of the JC Roll with the spicy tuna, king crab, shrimp tempura and avocado was pretty filling, and made it impossible for me to try anything else.  One thing is definite though, the fried cheesecake tempura is a must next time I’m there.

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That is if I’m not in the mood for something a little more exotic.  Then naturally I’ll switch gears and head over to the sister restaurant Izakaya..


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One thought on “Wasabi Fusion, Minneapolis

  1. Damn that sh-t looks good

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