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Pizza Capri – Hyde Park, Chicago

Chicago has a portion of my heart and is truly one of my favorite cities to be sent to for work or play.  Hyde Park nostalgically reminds me of my circa 2000 Washington, DC moments.  The vibe is amazing.  I was led to a pasta jewel called Pizza Capri.  Apparently this place is known for its popular pizza choices, but due to my pasta obsessions that’s what I inevitably ordered.


I had the Pasta Shells with Salmon sautéed with crimini and portobello mushrooms, simmered in tomato cream sauce with garlic and shallots.  It was amazing.  Someone in the back did their heavy cream justice.  It was tasty, hearty, and included some of my favorite things – mushrooms, garlic, and salmon.  It’s always nice to see chefs play around with a vodka sauce.   My FPIC had the Creamy Garlic Chicken Fettuccine tossed with Italian parsley and parmesan cheese in a parmesan garlic cream sauce.  It was equally amazing.

I enjoyed it enough to actually go back a few days later for dinner again since..

..And because

This time the server convinced me to try something else.  I’m a stubborn foodie and oftentime habitually stick with what I know.  In this case I took the server’s suggestion and tried something that wasn’t even on the menu.

This dish had fettuccine in an alfredo sauce that was laced with nutmeg.  Borderline stroganofish but with an Italian twist.   It was significantly different than the last vodka dish but good.  It had mushrooms, spinach, parsley, certainly nutmeg, and chicken and noodles.  It was good.  And like the previous visit, generous portions with a very unpretentious vibe.  Great spot. Next time I’ll try to curb my pasta addiction and get the deep dish.




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2 thoughts on “Pizza Capri – Hyde Park, Chicago

  1. Like Florida Evans said…….Damn damn, damn! You went for my weak spot with these pastas! Alfredo, portobello mushrooms, wine…..yummy

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