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Damien Woody of NY Jets Eats 2,500 Wings

In the midst of the “Rex Ryan losing control of his NY Jets” rant today on ESPN Talk Radio, the conversation took an interesting turn when the topic of food came up. They were interviewing former offensive lineman Damien Woody, and somehow the conversation diverted from play politics to him and the entire offensive line once eating 2,500 wings. Wings as in the chicken wings at the bar that occasionally given the right day one can shamefully admit to orderering 12. Well try 250. 250 for yourself and not for the entire bachelor party later on that day. That’s exactly how many were portioned off for each of his teammates. So who has the ultimate chicken wing obsession??? The former NY Jets offensive tackle whose weekly grocery bill is probably over a thousand dollars. That’s who.

Photo Source

With this Nephilim type appetite along with his wife and 7 kids, their local grocery store is officially declared recession-proof and will probably never go out of business. So next time you think you’re being a badass by upping your 8 piece order of chicken wings at your local BW3s, BBQs or Wing Stop (depending on where you live), know that you are not..

Photo Source

I see why my dad used to joke about me having the appetite of a linebacker..


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