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Brooklyn Moon Cafe – Ft Greene, Brooklyn

A friend and I decided to branch outside of the Habana Outpost box for a change and explore the rest of Fulton Street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  We dipped into a small cafe called Brooklyn Moon Cafe, and because Fort Greene has excellent places to eat we figured it wouldn’t be that much of a crap shoot.  Well spinning the Wheel of Foodie Fortune landed us on the “Spin Again” slice in the wheel.  Lucky for the open window front, excellent weather and the fact that my FPIC and I were in the midst of a socio-political debate while sipping on some insanely strong cocktails, it was easy to overlook the fact that the food was incredibly bland.  All of it.


I had the Fried Whiting with Mac n Cheese and what was supposed to be Sweet Corn as my side.  Although my company and the scene was great, the food was not.  The macaroni looked great in appearance with the color and all, but fell incredibly short on taste.  The fish had a very crumbly type breading and kept falling apart and had absolutely no seasoning, and the corn possibly was dumped directly from a Stop & Shop can without jazzing it up with at least butter or pepper of some sort.  Although not impressed with the  food, the very timid server was polite, and the open store front and the abstract art made for a relatively nice ambience.

All in all, if you want to be a part of the Fulton strip, Fort Greene mix and sip on something with a kick, here’s your spot.  Eat first though.


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