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Rice to Riches – NY NY

So Mott and Mulberry Street has this really bright and catchy, niche storefront that exclusively houses rice pudding.  They have drinks too but we weren’t feeling that adventurous, plus we had already come from dinner.  Rice to Riches is one of those spots that is easy to pass during the day but hard to miss at night.

With window front phrases like..

It’s hard not to be lured into this place.  Me anyway.  Alluring it is.  From the bright fixtures and the energetic staff, to the massive assortment of flavors..

And if there’s any type of guilt trip momentary revelation then.. Let them tell it..

So why not???

Asking for a sample at the least is inevitable when walking into this place.  I’m pretty sure I counted at least 21 flavors.  I tried the Fluent in French Toast and the Coast to Coast Cheesecake.  I believe my FPIC sampled the Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug.  It was quite a treat, given the fact that rice pudding isn’t exactly at the top of my “have to have” list.  I don’t think rice pudding will surpass the cupcake trend as of yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a few of these in LA.  It was a fun surprise for the evening, and I think next time I’m in Nolita I’ll stop in and try the Take Me to Tiramisu or Category 5 Caramel.


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