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Korean Chicken Factory – Hoboken, NJ

Driving down Washington Street in Hoboken is always a treat for foodies.  They have a great array of restaurants down this long strip, and as a result are typically bustling during lunchtime.  Well the day I was scheduled to work in the Hoboken area recently was no different.  Washington Street was packed and parking was scarce.  As my FPIC/co-worker and I parked, we noticed the big and colorful Chicken Factory awning and decided to pop in.  My FPIC ordered the Sweet and Spicy Wings, which were packed with flavor but tiny.  They were also way more spicy than sweet, which should definitely warrant a new name – Hot as Hell.  My FPIC couldn’t even finish them they were so hot.  I think if I were to go back I would try the Soy Garlic instead, but with the drumsticks and not the miniature wings.  They were also a tad bit overcooked, which isn’t surprising because of how little they were.

I on the other hand got the complete opposite – the Bibimbap with chicken, which turned out to be completely cold.

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish with rice, a bunch of vegetables and a meat.  What got me is that the vegetables are supposed to be sauteed and seasoned.  They were neither. They were raw vegetables with no seasoning.  Also, instead of brown rice they served it with white rice.  I was a bit baffled when it came out because of this.  Also, especially because of the portion difference with what was served to me and what was in the picture.  Granted I typically shoot my blog pics from a high angle so it gives off the impression that there is a lot more food than it is.  Take my word for it however, this was literally half the amount than what was pictured on the menu.  That or they foolishly served it to me in a huge bowl.

I think only because of our time constraints, did I not say a word to the woman at the register about any of it.  Although the sauteed dish that I expected to get turned out to in fact be nothing more than a $11 Korean salad, I can’t help but to wonder if I went to a different location would I have a much better experience.  I feel like their food is supposed to be great.  I really do.  I can’t help but to think I just went at the wrong time when the cook called in and the cashier was forced to play double role, and clearly shouldn’t have.  Ah well, better luck next time.  I guess.


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2 thoughts on “Korean Chicken Factory – Hoboken, NJ

  1. Oh my God, I used to live in Korea and I love the food. I don’t eat chicken but I might have to make a trip out to Hoboken for this. It looks sooooo good! Great find!

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