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Robust Coffee Lounge – Chicago, IL

So at one point I firmly believed that Busy Bee in Brooklyn and that random drive through coffee shop in Portland were the only coffee spots who could perfectly concoct a white chocolate iced latte the way that they do.  Well.. It wasn’t until after a friend of mine suggested I drive a mile up to the President’s house since we were about a few blocks away in Woodlawn, which is the neighboring hood of Hyde Park where the President lives in Chicago.  Anyway, in doing so I passed a cute little wifi lounge/coffee shop and decided to drop in.  I went straight to the white chocolate section of the menu board at Robust Coffee Lounge.  Well not section exactly, but those were the key words I was looking for..

I then ordered their iced white chocolate latte.

I was in coffee lover’s heaven.  It was piping in white chocolate flavor yet #Robust.  Just the way I like it.  Creamy but packed with the intensity one needs from coffee.  A coffee diamond in the Chicago rough.  Thumbs up.


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3 thoughts on “Robust Coffee Lounge – Chicago, IL

  1. That’s a great spot in Hyde. President Obama’s house is nearly walking distance.

  2. I like white chocolate anything.

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