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Max’s Cheesesteaks – Philadelphia, PA

Once you put on your hood blinders and bypass all the hood antics and foolery taking place outside of Max’s on Germantown and Eerie, all of your lunchtime dreams will come true. Whether you’re coating your liquor drenched stomach from the night before, or fulfilling your midweek cheesesteak craving, this is your place in Philly. In my case I was doing both. I watched Kyree (sp?) work his grill magic..


I exchanged a few words with the really pleasant lady cashier, allowed the music blaring over from the bar area to demotivate me for my remaining workload, and quickly headed out. I sat in my car, opened my massive 7″ sub and went to town.


I’m not sure who does the measuring at this place but I love them. The 13″ (I mean 7″) sub that I unwrapped like a kid on Xmas, was out of this world. Mr “alright, alright, alriiiiiiiiight” himself -aka- Kevin Hart was right. Max’s on Germantown truly does have the best cheesesteaks in Philly. If not in the country, truthfully.


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2 thoughts on “Max’s Cheesesteaks – Philadelphia, PA

  1. Yum! I’ll try this spot the next time I’m in Philly.

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