Levon The Foodie

A gal whose obsessions lie within fat, sugar, carbs, caffeine, and beverages that could strengthen the heart or seal up a womb.

Potatopia – NYC

A co-worker and I ran into this high carbohydrate gem when prospecting downtown in the city a few months ago.  Potatopia is a baked potato lover’s euphoria.  The menu names alone speak the language.  Curly Sue, Frequent Friers, I Think Before I Yam, The Comatoser, and my choice – the Smashed Hit.


It’s a unique concept that is a dieter’s nemesis.  Unlike me, if you are an obsessive calorie counter, don’t even look in the direction of this food joint.  It is loaded (no pun) with potato ideas and creations that are reminiscent of me in my late night, inebriated chef moments. Come to think of it, that may have been the driving force behind the creator’s inspiration..


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