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Little Spoon -The Hippest Brunch Spot in the QC

If you are brain dead from the over-frequented brunch spots in Charlotte, and you haven’t revitalized your chakras on Selwyn Ave, you should take this opportunity to do so. Little Spoon is a hip neighborhood grill in Myers Park.  If that place had’ve been around in the late 90s, senior year would’ve missed me and that would’ve been my skip school jump off..

little spoon blog pic

Photo from Pinterest

With the chic-industrial decor being drenched in melodies of Biggie Smalls’s Ready to Die or Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, you can get lost in a pure moment of nostalgia.  You can expect a vibe along the lines of a more relaxed ambiance of Bottega Louis in downtown L.A minus the french pastries and less pretentious audience.  Plus the staff won’t give you the side eye for not looking fashionably intelligent enough.  ..Unapologetically urban, Ms. Alesha is doing her own thing in the Queen City.  ..and I ain’t mad.

Recommendation – Korean Wings. Ginormous and packed with flavor.

$$ – moderate.

Vibe – LES, BK, The Village, NYC.

Service – Cheerful and inviting.


The $2,499 Coffee Maker

So last weekend I had to work in Westchester NY, and had the pleasure of stumbling upon the Bentleys of coffee machines – the new Miele CM5 Countertop Coffee System.  It was dead smack in the middle of the mall where this hugely inflated coffee machine moment went down.  It was a part of the Simon Fashion NOW event at Westchester Mall where all kinds of goodies were being served and sampled from Benjamin Steakhouse, Thyme in Yorktown Heights, local bakeries, and obviously Miele .

Walking around this machine ($2,499 sticker price) was like walking around the new Continental GT Speed Bentley that’s on display in malls that contain a demographic miles away from the one that I fall in.  You inevitably do the walk around, but you do not dare complete a lead sheet.  Well this coffee maker encounter was kind of like that moment.

I was torn between accepting a sample and just walking away.  Did I want to experience coffee paradise, knowing the only other chance of me having that repeat experience would be at another mall event or coffee lovers tradeshow?  Or did I want to just go to the 1 out of 4 Starbucks in the mall and call it a day? I took the sample.  It was heaven.  My final opportunity at coffee heaven, but heaven none-the-less.

Robust Coffee Lounge – Chicago, IL

So at one point I firmly believed that Busy Bee in Brooklyn and that random drive through coffee shop in Portland were the only coffee spots who could perfectly concoct a white chocolate iced latte the way that they do.  Well.. It wasn’t until after a friend of mine suggested I drive a mile up to the President’s house since we were about a few blocks away in Woodlawn, which is the neighboring hood of Hyde Park where the President lives in Chicago.  Anyway, in doing so I passed a cute little wifi lounge/coffee shop and decided to drop in.  I went straight to the white chocolate section of the menu board at Robust Coffee Lounge.  Well not section exactly, but those were the key words I was looking for..

I then ordered their iced white chocolate latte.

I was in coffee lover’s heaven.  It was piping in white chocolate flavor yet #Robust.  Just the way I like it.  Creamy but packed with the intensity one needs from coffee.  A coffee diamond in the Chicago rough.  Thumbs up.

Busy Bee Bagel Cafe Brooklyn

This busy bee decided to stop at the hive for a quick swig of honey on her lunch break yesterday, and she did so in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  Politiced with the owners of the newest cafe on Fulton St and Classon Ave, Georgie and Jewels guided me through their crafty menu.  My eyes were fixated on the coffee flavors though.


They had a white chocolate iced coco that was to die for. Topped off with a shot of espresso, I was in queenbee heaven. This was all after devouring my tuna salad wrap.


Good lunchtime snacks, perfect coffee, great convo, and quite fitting ambience for the Clinton Hill crowd. Busy Bee Bagel Cafe was a nice find.


This busy bee will definitely be back.


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