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Hotel Chantelle NYC – The Most Amazing Cocktail

I had one of the most incredible cocktails tonight.  It was such a ridiculously genius interpretation of a mature apple cider that this rooftop mixologist at Hotel Chantelle poured into my glass.  So great even, it warranted a break front the obsessionista hiatus.  A dear friend invited me out to what I would remember as the spot on the LES/Lower East Side, with the most amazing cocktail. …possibly ever.IMG_20140412_204616

This incredible alcoholation (“alcoholic creation” I trademarked it first..) had Stoli Salted Caramel Vodka, apple cider and lemon.  Those three ingredients will soon be a staple in my liquor cabinet.  Entitled the “State Fair”, that’s exactly where I felt like I was after the third one..

Although I’m tempted to just make this entry about the drink alone, I can’t. I would be remiss to omit the amusingly tiny, yet Manhattan appropriate, “sharable for three” snacks that later came out.

Let’s just say with a side ramekin of drawn butter, and a cream based dip with a ton of parmesan shavings.. you can only imagine what followed..


Normally when I Instagram or blog, I automatically transition into food stylist mode.  However three State Fairs later, all the rules went out the window.  This was essentially a shared plate of lobster roll, split crab claws half shelled, and some incredible goat cheese or mascarpone (can’t remember) flatbread with arugula, mushrooms and shaved parmesan sprinkled in truffle oil.

Even though this entry was about the show-stopping cocktail, there were obviously a lot more attractions at the Circus, or “State Fair” sponsored by the lovely Hotel Chantelle. One of my most memorable attractions hands-down being the flatbread.  It was truly incredible, as the model/bartender subtly suggested.




A Fairytale Martini – Yosemite Ranch, Fresno

Before I begin to dissect my visit at this local Fresnoan restaurant, let me just begin by saying this had to be the most incredible womanly martini I’ve ever had in my life.  I don’t even know how it got ordered because in all honesty I had my heart set on a nice dry glass of white wine.  None-the-less the Lemon Chiffon Martini made it’s way to my table, later to my stomach, and was absolutely amazing.   image

It had whipped cream flavored vodka and lemon juice.  I’m sure you expected me to name a series of ingredients.  Well you can put your smartphones back in your pocket and not worry about Googling the 19 rare ingredients you were anticipating me to name.  It didn’t pack the overbearing sweetness of a cheesy Pucker-rich cocktail nor did it bare any sour mix or any of that filler jazz.  It wasn’t screwface sweet, but instead light and smooth with a blatant zest of lemon.  It was the beginning to a beautiful story of a girl who wanted salmon…


..and she got it, and was in bliss with a fairytale ending.  No elaborate details, more like a kindergarten bedtime storybook.  The dish was their Butter Braised Salmon served with fresh spinach pan sautéed over a wonderfully roasted filet of salmon in vermouth, atop some rich, creamy golden mashed potatoes.  The mushrooms and shredded vegetables were a nice touch also.  My experience at Yosemite Ranch in Fresno was very simple.   Although the establishment was franchise-busy, it had a few calming trinkets to balance it out such as their indoor fire pit… imageTheir waitstaff were pleasant, seasoned (no pun) and most importantly confident.  I’m not sure which is worse, food that lacks flavor or waitstaff that do.  Yosemite Ranch started my workweek in Fresno off right and I think I will have sweet dreams tonight.  Goodnight kids.

My Exclusiv Cocktail

 So I don’t usually post homeade cocktail concoctions on here but I had to share this one.  So after a decent workout at the gym in my building I figured I could afford to pile on a few extra calories.  So I did exactly that.  After my flatbread veggie pizza I created, I ate a few of my carrot cupcakes I made from the other night, and didn’t stop there.  My rationale consisting of, it’s Friday and I don’t have much work left on my laptop.  So the potential cocktail ingredients cogs churning in my head led me to searching through my fridge to see what I could come up with.  After playing around with a few natural juices I came up with the following…

Zola Acai, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Natural Garden Aloe Vera, Natural Garden Coconut, and a few organic blackberries..

 I then threw in some Exclusiv Orange flavored Vodka (courtesy of a care package a friend of mine left me) into the concoction..

..and ice and then voila…


It was quite refreshing.  Perfect even.   These brands (mainly Natural Garden, Exclusiv Vodka, and Oceanspray cranberry juice) can be substituted for whatever brands you have in your fridge, none-the-less, the combination of fruit juices is great.  I have to say.  So cheers!  Do try this at home..

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