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Happy Hour Obsession of The Week – Cadillac Ranch, National Harbor MD

I experienced one of the happiest hours of the twenty four in my day at the National Harbor in Fort Washington, MD a few nights ago.  Nicely situated at the end of one of their massive bars at Cadillac Ranch, my fellow FPICs and I quickly organized the group selections over the next 20 min of the rapidly ending happy hour.  Despite the fact that of one of its oppositions competing for the HHOOTW crown, had probably one of the most innovative and healthy pizza combos known to man, it lacked one thing – Jarryd.  Cadillac Ranch not only has excellent food and a decent wine selection for the price, it also has a very charming bartender.  The super savvy and clever Jarryd possessed the kind of charisma, and unobtrusive yet timely presence to keep you coming back to that same spot at the bar over and over again.


Mini Fish Tacos – Blackened tilapia in mini tortillas with shredded cheese, lime-cilantro cabbage, tomatoes and chipotle ranch drizzle $5

The fish tacos were some kind of amazing.  I have to say.  I couldn’t stop raving over them and they seemed to inevitably segue into every other conversation.  The Sweet Chili Boneless Wings $5 were a pretty good choice as well.   They also had a relatively generous offering of flatbreads in the happy hour deal.  We tried the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread $5 with grilled buffalo chicken, mozzarella, julienned celery, scallions and bleu cheese.  It was pretty awesome.

With the well balanced quantity vs quality factor of the menu items, the recession-proof pricing, the interesting selection, and the superb customer service, you’d either be a fool or in recession denial to ignore this place.  I my friend am neither..




Happy Hour Obsession of The Week – Pele’s, Jacksonville FL

With entrees like slow roasted kaluah pig, salted duck pizza, and broken meatballs I knew I’d be foolish enough to try this place. A spectacular fool’s choice it turned out to be as well as wallet-friendly, but foolish-sounding initially.

Whether you’re going on Magnifico Mondays, Ladies Night Wednesdays, or any day between 3-6:30pm, Pele’s Wood Fire has a pretty awesome happy hour amongst other things.  The biggest treat of all being the Wood-Fired Limoncello Wings.

Wood-Fired Limoncello Wings with shaved parmesan, crushed red pepper, oregano, and orange zest $3.95, Chardonnay $4.00

The wings were incredible, the sauce was amazing, and the shaved parmesan did more justice than damage.  The human element of the dining experience consisted of an “at home, in your favorite cousin’s living room” personal element, with a “I have been serving patrons for years and could do this with my eyes closed” level of customer service.  The service was impeccable, and the place was cozy with a really familiar vibe.

The food was actually in-house, and as one would imagine, local produce made for some really fresh ingredients being both refreshing and delightful.

I actually enjoyed,  and was so much impressed with the happy hour offerings that I stayed long enough for dinner.  I got another glass of white wine and ordered the Croxetti Pesto.

Pesto Croxetti with spinach, caramelized onions, pine nuts and pecorino romano in a white wine reduction

It had a great presentation, the portion wasn’t massive which really allowed you to carefully consider all of the ingredients, the sauce was flavorful but not overpowering, and the pasta was fresh.  It was incredible.

All in all, I would unquestionably list this experience at Pele’s Wood Fire as the Happy Hour Obsession of The Week, not-to-mention one of my Top Obsessions.  If you have an uncompromising palate for fresh pasta for dinner, or if it’s after work and you have $10 to spare, this modern Italian-American spot would be an excellent choice in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville.

Happy Hour Obsession of The Week – Brio, Jacksonville FL

The Happy Hour Obsession of The Week goes to Brio Tuscan Grille in Jacksonville, FL. 

Sangria Rose – Sobieski Raspberry, fresh muddled pineapple and strawberry and Rosa Regale $5

Brio Burger (sectioned sliders) with provolone and homeade chips $3.95, Romano crusted ravioli topped with tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella and a cilantro pesto drizzle $3.95, Tavolo Matto Chardonnay $5

All in all for a bill of less than $18, I was able to walk out of the bar feeling like dinner was well accomplished and my wallet didn’t have to spank me afterwards. 

Their ravioli was very tasty, and the portion was very generous for a little over three dollars..

Their sectioned Brio Burger was pretty good also..

So there you have it.  You can in fact have the Tuscan-American experience right in the heart of Jacksonville for the price of a Manhattan toll.  Cheers!



Happy Hour Obsession of The Week – Pera, Soho NY

So me and my closest NYC friends / crew did our quarterly meet-up and ventured off to a really awesome Mediterranean spot in Soho called Pera.  Pera has a really innovative happy hour menu with great pricing.  I mean with cocktails like Bicycle Thief and small plates like fried mussels, you know you’re in for a surprise.  Getting trapped in traffic caused me to miss the excellent happy hour deal, but thankfully my good friends still had some food left for me to nibble off of.

They ordered the Fried Mussels and the Smoked Eggplant with Garlic Yogurt (2 items for $6 = $6 total).  The dip was good.  Pera had a fairly decent selection of other tapas (or meze rather) choices for happy hour, but the lovely gridlock at the Lincoln Tunnel caused me to miss out on their discounted segment of the menu.  My crew mentioned the Pera Rickey cocktail being extremely good but since I was tardy for the happy hour party, I went with one of the regularly priced cocktail items.

The regularly priced agave-type drink that the bartender suggested was amazing.  Pricey but amazing enough for me to order a second.

So there you have it.  A great Mediterranean selection at great happy hour prices, and an ambience and outdoor garden that will make you keep coming back.  Just make sure you come before 7:30, cause they ain’t cheap..


Happy Hour Obsession of The Week – Rosa Mexicano, Washington DC

The happy hour obsession of the week goes to Rosa Mexicano in Washington DC near the Verizon Center.  Although I have been to countless Rosa Mexicanos – Union Square NYC, LA Live, Fort Washington’s National Harbor, Chevy Chase MD, etc etc, the staple location in my mind is the one near the Verizon Center in DC.  It was the first one to open outside of NYC, and delivers the same signature guacamole that everyone flocks to nationally..

Photo Source

 ..and the authentic, upscale Mexican cuisine in the stylish and trendy, yet festive atmosphere that we have all come to love is also offered on a happy hour menu.  This including half off select appetizers and drinks.  They also offer Taco Tuesdays featuring their new signature tacos and cocktails..

Some of their happy hour menu items consist of Queso Fundido $4, Flautas de Pollo $4, Ensalad del Mercado $3, Tacos de Pollo $4, and Tacos de Panza con Callos de Hacha $6.  For their happy hour drinks they offer half price margaritas, Sangria pitchers, tequila shots and beer ranging from $3-14

So next time you’re near a Rosa Mexicano, do yourself a favor and take advantage of their excellent happy hour if not at least their prize winning guacamole.

Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Savoy, Pittsburgh

The happy hour moment of the week goes to Savoy in Pittsburgh, PA.  Although the urban elite flooded restaurant doesn’t have a happy hour menu per se, you can certainly indulge in happiness for at least an hour at this sexy bar with their lounge menu.

Trio Appetizer Plate – Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Arugula Salad and warm Vegetable Strudel $14

Although the food itself fluctuates from “ok I’ve had way too much to drink and I’m not sure how this affects my experience with this tilapia and braised asparagus” to mediocre, the experience is moreso about ambience..

decent cocktails..

and celebrity sitings.

Tyson Beckford – courtesy of

So if you wanna run into the who’s who in Pittsburgh, as well as indulge in a great martini while you’re in town on business and itching to not go back to the regular hotel bar, Savoy has what you need.

Happy Hour Moment of the Week – Rush Street, Culver City

The happy hour moment of the week goes to the Rush Street happy hour menu on Washington Street in Culver City, CA.


Roasted cherry tomatoes, pesto, ricotta and mozzarella brick oven pizza $8, Flirtini with X Rated Passion Fruit Liqeur $7

Falafel and tahini sliders $7. Total $22

Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Figaro Bistrot LA

The happy hour moment of the week goes to the tres bien happy hour menu from Figaro Bistrot in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Moules Gratinees aux Fromage, Pommes Frites (I don’t remember the name for sweet potato in French…) et Merlot maison le total 62.88 Francs / $12USD

**So essentially you have mussels, sweet potato fries and house Merlot for 12 bucks.  In addition to their great happy hour deals, any restaurant that loops Edith Piaf will always win my heart..

Photo from

Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Hyatt Santa Barbara

The happy hour moment of the week once again goes to the poolside happy hour menu from the Bistro 1111 Lounge at the Hyatt Santa Barbara.

Sunset cocktail, Spicy Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Carne Asada Tacos = $15

Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Bistro 1111 S. Barbara

The happy hour moment of the week goes to the poolside happy hour menu from the Bistro 1111 Lounge at the Hyatt Santa Barbara.

Sweet Tea Lemonade cocktail, Meyer Natural Angus Sliders and Pacific Tilapia Tacos = $15

The Fat Dog W. Hollywood’s Perfect Happy Hour

John Gladish knows the right ingredients to lure non West Hollywooders and locals into his neighborhood establishment. The canine inspired cafe provides a friendly setting that falls right in line with the strip of bars and cafes on N. Fairfax, and much like its name is a very dog-friendly spot. It has a decent amount of natural light which gives it an easy feel and is a relatively casual environment.  It has really knowledgeable and savvy, yet laid back and friendly servers.  Most importantly however, it truly has the best happy hour I’ve experienced in W. Hollywood so far.  The Fat Dog offers a very impressive happy hour lineup that ranges from $3-6 and believe it or not, the food is actually good.  The food is amazing rather.  I tried at least five different items and they were all extremely tasty and perfectly prepared.

The onion rings were like no onion rings I have ever had before. They were crisp with a non-messy size and texture, and they were perfectly battered and seasoned. The alternative/vegetarian burger would please any anti-meat eater, and surprisingly with all the garnishes were neat and easy to eat. The sweet potato fries were simply great and everything else at that point, the fried green olives, etc is a blur. Oh but wait!  I can’t forget the mini burgers.  They were amazing.  They looked and tasted perfect, and were extremely generous in size.

It’s difficult to have high standards and expectations with places that offer food and drinks for $3, and skepticism does tend to come to play especially when quality not quantity is what you’re after in larger cities.  The Fat Dog will definitely change your take on cheap eats however. With the combination of quantity and quality, atmosphere, and service, I’d say this is a winning happy hour experience for anyone who appreciates all of the above.

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