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A Pie A Pint A Slice & A Shot – The Pizza Pub NYC

This sort of random hybrid bar and pizza joint is like a drunk man’s miracle on the east side.  At one point in my life it seemed unusual to find the most random places in New York playing the best ‘lost tapes’ kind of of hip hop known to man.  From several years of living here though, I realize now it’s perfectly normal to stumble upon little nondescript places like these that oddly play the best music you will never hear on the radio, and have the best food and drink specials in the middle of the night.

The Pizza Pub at Gramercy Park had a halo hovering over it when we were about to pull off in my car after leaving the Daley show at Gramercy Theatre. My ‘all things healthy’ force field was penetrated, and I swear I think I heard trumpets or harps or something when I saw the sign that said “a pie a pint a slice & a shot”. My unexpecting foodie partner in crime aka FPIC had the same demeanor.  At that moment I knew this was the beginning of a bad, yet perfect closing of a great night in the city.  Just the cherry on the cake that I had no need for but wanted so badly..


I went straight to the bar and ordered a shot of Hennessey and my FPIC ordered his ‘I’m not drinking’ drink..  I sat down like a kid on their birthday, uncertain of which was potentially more exciting – the smooth taste of Hennessey running down my throat or the slice of heaven that was soon to be brought out by the late night pizza pub human gods. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be your regular low profit margin/high volume $1 slice type situations, and my inklings were correct.  The pizza was phenomenal.  Yes, phenomenal.  I was sober and not yet drunk, so this was a completely clear critique.  The guys in the back that I talked to were awesome.  The bartender was decent.  My stomach and my heart were merry. My FPIC’s feelings were mutual.  This place has a great business model, with a catchy yet smart concept.  You buy a shot, you get a free slice.  You pay $24, you get a pint and an incredible pie.  The siren call is the bar specials so look for them.  They have flat screens so it’s sports watcher conducive.  The food is good quality, the ingredients seem quite fresh.  I like this place a lot.  When you’re on the fence about food versus drinks versus price, and you’re in the mood for a slice, a good one, come here… If you don’t like loud, yet good music however, choose your battle and rethink it..


The Best Mexican Food in Brooklyn.. Tepango

Brooklyn is full of surprises, and Tepango Taqueira is no exception. I didn’t know this little Clinton Hill corner diamond on Myrtle and Classon had this kind of remarkable cuisine tucked inside. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ in this instance certainly still holds true. Stopping in for some quick mexican food before Brooklyn Tap House and running out on the sandwich I ordered at the gas station was by far the best, trifling decision I ever made. The previous gas station shenanigans across the street is for another entry..

That’s neither here nor there. The focus should be on the Tepango treasures I devoured before Tap House….

The Tacos Bistec and the Quesadillas Con Carne were insane.  Flavorful, with unquestionably fresh ingredients, I couldn’t have asked for better results to an impulsive, last minute decision. It was perfect and divine.  In my previous travels, I have had some really incredible mexican food.  Mainly in LA and Dallas.  I have to say, never would I have expected Texas and California style authentic Mexican food to be attainable in ‘err uh Brooklyn.  Well it is, and it most certainly gets my Obsessionista stamp of approval.  So next time you’re in Clinton Hill, be sure to stop by.  Thank me later.. oh and, stay away from the gas station across the street.  Buen provecho!!


Hotel Chantelle NYC – The Most Amazing Cocktail

I had one of the most incredible cocktails tonight.  It was such a ridiculously genius interpretation of a mature apple cider that this rooftop mixologist at Hotel Chantelle poured into my glass.  So great even, it warranted a break front the obsessionista hiatus.  A dear friend invited me out to what I would remember as the spot on the LES/Lower East Side, with the most amazing cocktail. …possibly ever.IMG_20140412_204616

This incredible alcoholation (“alcoholic creation” I trademarked it first..) had Stoli Salted Caramel Vodka, apple cider and lemon.  Those three ingredients will soon be a staple in my liquor cabinet.  Entitled the “State Fair”, that’s exactly where I felt like I was after the third one..

Although I’m tempted to just make this entry about the drink alone, I can’t. I would be remiss to omit the amusingly tiny, yet Manhattan appropriate, “sharable for three” snacks that later came out.

Let’s just say with a side ramekin of drawn butter, and a cream based dip with a ton of parmesan shavings.. you can only imagine what followed..


Normally when I Instagram or blog, I automatically transition into food stylist mode.  However three State Fairs later, all the rules went out the window.  This was essentially a shared plate of lobster roll, split crab claws half shelled, and some incredible goat cheese or mascarpone (can’t remember) flatbread with arugula, mushrooms and shaved parmesan sprinkled in truffle oil.

Even though this entry was about the show-stopping cocktail, there were obviously a lot more attractions at the Circus, or “State Fair” sponsored by the lovely Hotel Chantelle. One of my most memorable attractions hands-down being the flatbread.  It was truly incredible, as the model/bartender subtly suggested.



Chelsea Manor Martini Fest NYC

At the suggestion of Living Social, NY Cocktail Mixers will let you do as the Romans do… or did.   They have a $40 admission special to a 3hr Martini Fest  Mixer.  It’s weekly on Saturdays from 8 to 11 (pm obviously) at Chelsea Manor.  The special includes five martini tastings, two full cocktails, and appetizers (an $80 value). Watch as expert mixologists battle to create the best martini and sample five signature drinks, such as passion fruit, mango, or piña colada martinis. Then, sip down two full versions of your favorite concoction, and pair them with tasty apps. You can do all this in the Chelsea Manor – well Chelsea Manor’esque type ambience with a glass bar area and crystal chandelier with the dj doing what he does..


Photo Source - Chelsea Manor website

So buy your ticket today while the deal lasts!!!


Photo Source - Chelsea Manor website

Find out more: ref=NYCMDeal080112_3_2614email422877

New Brazilian Obsession – Bossa Nova LA

I saw an online banner on the hottest restaurants in LA the other day and immediately thought of my late night Sunday Greystone Manor excursion that immediately led to Bossa Nova in Hollywood a while back.  After a typical long night that one would expect of promoter etiquette, table service politics, and several bottles of adult juice at this extremely selective supperclub, quite predictably a post club food run was inevitable.  Berri’s is normally my first choice when running the streets late night in the city of cherubs.  However a new love was found that night thanks to one of my friends and her recommendation of what is now one of my favorite Brazilian spots in W. Hollywood.  I have frequented both the Sunset and W. Pico locations several times since, and am consistently satisfied.  I can always rely on a refreshing conversation with the hostess staff while waiting on my carryout order to take back to the hotel, and the food itself is absolutely incredible.  Depending on when you go, it’s not at all surprising to run into several noticeable celebrities, artists and industry types.  For the most part though, it’s a very family and couples friendly environment.  Food-wise I always gravitate towards the pasta due to my first incredible virgin Nova experience.

This was the Sunset Pasta w. Asparagus, boneless Chicken Breast, Onions and Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce.  It was very generous in portion, and it was exceptionally good.  I’ve also had their Tiriri Pasta..

Although a quite tasty dish and very popular according to my new hostess friend, it doesn’t pack as much flavor as the Sunset pasta.  The Sunset has a little bit more zest.  Their menu is amazing so you really can’t go wrong with any choice.  This I promise.  There’s nothing like fresh pasta made with fresh ingredients after a night of  **clearing throat** organized industry chaos.  So next time you’re in W. LA or any part of Hollywood, try it out.  Be careful though, you just may have a new Brazilian obsession in LA.

Diva – Soho NY

Quite eventful evening this was.  Apparently Kenyans get wild.  They do actually… Or at least from my experience this particular Friday night at Diva in Soho NYC.  Aside from the lively evening, a relatively satisfying Red Snapper was the lasting impression I walked away with from Diva Soho. The martinis were reminiscent of your older brother’s Kool Aid circa 1992, and the Lemon Drops were like someone’s grandmother’s lemonade, literally.  However it’s not as satisfying and fulfilling when someone’s grandmother’s lemonade is $12 a pop. On the flip side, the snapper and vibrant, Kenyan-embodied ambience played an integral role in my salvation for the evening.  The fish was a win.  Not to mention the Kenyan dj.  The Kool Aidy cocktails however, I could pass on in the future…

Oven Roasted Red Snapper with tomato salsa and arborio rice

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