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Little Spoon -The Hippest Brunch Spot in the QC

If you are brain dead from the over-frequented brunch spots in Charlotte, and you haven’t revitalized your chakras on Selwyn Ave, you should take this opportunity to do so. Little Spoon is a hip neighborhood grill in Myers Park.  If that place had’ve been around in the late 90s, senior year would’ve missed me and that would’ve been my skip school jump off..

little spoon blog pic

Photo from Pinterest

With the chic-industrial decor being drenched in melodies of Biggie Smalls’s Ready to Die or Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, you can get lost in a pure moment of nostalgia.  You can expect a vibe along the lines of a more relaxed ambiance of Bottega Louis in downtown L.A minus the french pastries and less pretentious audience.  Plus the staff won’t give you the side eye for not looking fashionably intelligent enough.  ..Unapologetically urban, Ms. Alesha is doing her own thing in the Queen City.  ..and I ain’t mad.

Recommendation – Korean Wings. Ginormous and packed with flavor.

$$ – moderate.

Vibe – LES, BK, The Village, NYC.

Service – Cheerful and inviting.


Post Juanita Didn’t Disappoint – Baker’s, Detroit

You know your foodie chord has been touched when you start writing at the table where your food sits. Baker’s Keyboard Lounge in Detroit is forcing me to do just that. For starters, I couldn’t wait to have the stereotypical debate about what real soul food is, given my southern North Carolinian roots and expectations, but I also couldn’t wait to see what their soul food menu was going to entail.  Contrarily, Baker’s showed me the midwestern side of southern cuisine and pushed me into a nostalgic place that wreaked of House of Prayer on Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte, NC circa 1996.


After downing a plate of fried chicken wings, baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens and cornbread, all I can say is post-Juanita did not disappoint. Juanita was the old cook that left within the last year and caused quite a stir due to her soulful culinary gift to mankind. I am here to tell all Livernois locals, there is no need to fear. Juanita’s recipes are still in tact.  So stop by when you’re in town for a little bit of live jazz, but more importantly some good ol’ post-Juanita soul food, and some extremely generous pours on the spirits. Cheers!

Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Figaro Bistrot LA

The happy hour moment of the week goes to the tres bien happy hour menu from Figaro Bistrot in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Moules Gratinees aux Fromage, Pommes Frites (I don’t remember the name for sweet potato in French…) et Merlot maison le total 62.88 Francs / $12USD

**So essentially you have mussels, sweet potato fries and house Merlot for 12 bucks.  In addition to their great happy hour deals, any restaurant that loops Edith Piaf will always win my heart..

Photo from

Marvin Gaye’s Belgian Soul Salvation in Washington DC

The Shaw neighborhood restaurant called Marvin is the designated go to spot on Monday night in Washington DC for a reason. The atmosphere and the vibe, combined with a little dose of my ‘former home’ nostalgia made for a great evening. It mentally took me back to the Republic Gardens, Howard U, Adams Morgan, and all things U Street days in the District. Along with the perfectly concocted martini the bistro level bartender cleverly created, my friend insisted that I try the Chimay.

Since I left beer behind with my yard days at NCA&T I was a bit hesitant. Curiosity along with his commercial ready background on the particular brand made me try it anyway. Need-less-to-say it was really good. Not to mention it is an authentic Trappist beer which translates to the champagne of beers, and is a part of the International Trappist Association. It also comes in the Red, the Triple, and the Blue Cap and has a line of cheeses perfect for pairing. Yeah this beer is kinda major and might quietly be a movement.

Courtesy of Chimay Official Site

It also ties into the history of Marvin and its Belgian marriage to soul. The story of Marvin Gaye and his journey to find solace overseas in Ostend, Belgium was apparently the inspiration behind this bistro, bar and rooftop establishment. This restaurant has a tremendous amount of history which is apparent by the décor the minute you walk in. The musical legend was born and raised just around the corner in this Shaw neighborhood and his spirit lingers on with the locals.  The Belgian culture plaid an integral role in his personal and spiritual development after his open and quite publicized inner struggles.  So frankly the beer makes sense, as does the menu, the theme and everything else.   I think the creators of Marvin have done a proper job of combining the cafe society of Belgium, with the proud soul of the Shaw neighborhood in DC. The next time I’m in town I will have to see if Chef James Claudio’s food is as good as the concept, because everything else is winning.  Truly an amazing place..


The Great Googa Mooga Says Marcus Samuelsson

So in case you’re a NYC local and haven’t heard, or are a part of that NYC elite that can easily toss $250 for a street festival in Brooklyn that any other weekend would’ve easily been $10, get your black, gold or silver credit cards out because there are still tickets left to the Great Googa Mooga’s “Extra Mooga” food festival on Sunday.  Thanks to Marcus Samuelsson’s blog, I know Brooklyn will be housing the all inclusive food and drink lover’s wonderland at Prospect Park this weekend.  Although it’s said that general admission to the Great Googa Mooga is sold out or that registration has closed rather, you still can partake in the festivities that include a lot of food, a lot of drink, and don’t quote me, but I believe the legendary Roots headlining also.  So if it sounds like your cup of chai tea, just go to the site and check it out for yourself.  Oh and please do tell me how it was come Sunday.  I have a strange feeling I won’t be making this one.  Wouldn’t mind meeting Bourdain though..

Join Marcus at Extra Mooga this Sunday.




The London Candy Company – So Good They Have to Write Home

One of my foodie partners in crime hipped me to one of the coolest candy shops on the UES NY.  The London Candy Company is the British fusion candy mecca that has the warmest, most inviting staff, not to mention the greatest assortment of sugar crack.  Cadbury has to be pleased with the rapid progress of this small chocolate haven.  The prices are a bit up there, but one has to take into consideration that these spirit lifting trinkets are imported from the UK.  I enjoyed my treasures that I took home in addition to the habitual freebies they are known for tossing in after your purchase. Kudos to Jigs who is as sweet (kind) as his stock and cheers to Marie for the introduction.  I’d say it’s a rather nice little pinch of spice to the sometimes drab upper east side world.

Frank Ocean Coachella Live Stream

This has absolutely nothing to do with the remarkable insanely delicious slice of cheesecake in front of me right now, however I think I owe it to my readers to let them know that umm Frank Ocean is streaming live on Coachella right now. Why WP won’t allow me to upload the link is beyond me.  So it’s up to you to copy and paste the link into your browser at this point and enjoy the show like I’m about to do. Channel 2.

Marina and the Diamonds Obsessions

Well we all have our little obsessions. Good to know the new wave/indie pop Welsh songstress does too. “I’m Marina, you are the diamonds”.

Unfortunately what the video won’t tell you, wait for it, this is good stuff…  …..She obsesses over Chinese food too.

A Louie inspired dream..

Not surprising at all that I would have dreams about Biggie Smalls and random Coachella’esque parades in Times Square.  I strongly believe that this musical smorgasbord of a dream was totally inspired by my trip to B. Louie the other day in downtown LA. Contrary to the posh atmosphere with pristeen decor in this relatively upscale restaurant, their musical selection oddly consists of old skool hip hop and random traces of bluegrass and 90s alternative.  Don’t at all be surprised if you roll up in there on a random Tuesday and hear tracks from the Notorious B.I.G’s Ready to Die or Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.  Not at all what anyone would expect at a place like this, but so appreciated.  I mean utterly appreciated..

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