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The Magic Of The Truffle – Da Rosario Review

From glancing at the Da Rosario booth at the Brooklyn Eats Trade Show this past month, I never knew the rich history that preceded Rosario Safina.  Previously making appearances on the likes of shows like Martha Steward and CNN, and having a resume dating back to 1984 with his truffle introduction into the marketplace.  It made it perfectly understandable that he would be the appointed ‘go to’ truffle aficionado for the finest restaurants.  His exotic line of truffle innovations is what drew me to his display.  That and my obsession with truffle oil.  It was truly a unique assortment of truffle products, and what was even more unique was the fact that it was 100% organic.  He also offers up a vegan friendly line which I’m sure is a pleasant surprise for the anti protein consumers.  Although I do say that with caution due to the secretly high amount of protein in vegetables that I’m sure the meat industry could do without me mentioning.

da rosario - The Best Truffle Hamper

Image From the Official website

Rosario Safino’s wealth of knowledge on truffles, and his method of popularizing and transforming them from elite luxury to staple cooking accessory, has re-positioned this product into regular kitchens and homes at this point.  I know firsthand the magic behind the truffle when it comes to a good gruyere and smoked gouda mac n cheese.  Whether you’re dousing truffle butter in pasta, or drizzling truffle oil over french fries or seafood, it just makes the ordinary dishes a little bit more special.

There was something quite magical happening at the Da Rosario booth at Brooklyn Eats, and it further confirmed my notion that there is some sort of magic of the truffle.. I was completely infatuated with their organic white truffle butter and organic black truffle oil.  It had a superior flavor profile with a very delightful finish. Visions of lobster mac plums danced in my head as I allowed the aftertaste to linger. All things truffle truly do bring excitement to the most basic comfort foods.  I can rightfully say Da Rosario’s products are full of love and full of life.  As is the magical, mystical truffle..


Trader Joe’s Puttanesca Sauce

Trader Joe’s has a really incredible puttanesca sauce filled with olives, capers and anchovies that taste like you chopped them up yourself minutes prior.  If you ever need to cheat for dinner, follow my lead and saute your favorite veggies and meat with this sauce, tossing in your preferred pasta shells.  Go easy though since the sauce speaks for itself.  You don’t want to overpower it.  I threw in my favorite red sauce pasta mixture of portobello mushrooms, sweet red onions and ground beef.  I had to contain myself and withdraw from the temptation of throwing in shaved carrots – bolognese style.  Then I went with rigatoni for the shells and bam – Puttanesca heaven…

As much as I tend to spaz and go mad kitchen scientist with oregano and garlic with pasta dishes, this is one you have to really pull back on like I said before.  TJ’s sauce is pretty flavorful.  It’s definitely a cheat sauce so it tends to limit the work with this dish.  Still do it justice with a generous  amount of parmesan though..

I couldn’t go with the obvious like a Merlot with this heavenly creation due to my limited wine stock.  So I settled for what I had which was a white wine..

Bogle Sauvignon Blanc

So there you have it.  Creating magic with Trader Joe’s Puttanesca sauce and rigatoni.  Or was it penne??..

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