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Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Figaro Bistrot LA

The happy hour moment of the week goes to the tres bien happy hour menu from Figaro Bistrot in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Moules Gratinees aux Fromage, Pommes Frites (I don’t remember the name for sweet potato in French…) et Merlot maison le total 62.88 Francs / $12USD

**So essentially you have mussels, sweet potato fries and house Merlot for 12 bucks.  In addition to their great happy hour deals, any restaurant that loops Edith Piaf will always win my heart..

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Marvin Gaye’s Belgian Soul Salvation in Washington DC

The Shaw neighborhood restaurant called Marvin is the designated go to spot on Monday night in Washington DC for a reason. The atmosphere and the vibe, combined with a little dose of my ‘former home’ nostalgia made for a great evening. It mentally took me back to the Republic Gardens, Howard U, Adams Morgan, and all things U Street days in the District. Along with the perfectly concocted martini the bistro level bartender cleverly created, my friend insisted that I try the Chimay.

Since I left beer behind with my yard days at NCA&T I was a bit hesitant. Curiosity along with his commercial ready background on the particular brand made me try it anyway. Need-less-to-say it was really good. Not to mention it is an authentic Trappist beer which translates to the champagne of beers, and is a part of the International Trappist Association. It also comes in the Red, the Triple, and the Blue Cap and has a line of cheeses perfect for pairing. Yeah this beer is kinda major and might quietly be a movement.

Courtesy of Chimay Official Site

It also ties into the history of Marvin and its Belgian marriage to soul. The story of Marvin Gaye and his journey to find solace overseas in Ostend, Belgium was apparently the inspiration behind this bistro, bar and rooftop establishment. This restaurant has a tremendous amount of history which is apparent by the décor the minute you walk in. The musical legend was born and raised just around the corner in this Shaw neighborhood and his spirit lingers on with the locals.  The Belgian culture plaid an integral role in his personal and spiritual development after his open and quite publicized inner struggles.  So frankly the beer makes sense, as does the menu, the theme and everything else.   I think the creators of Marvin have done a proper job of combining the cafe society of Belgium, with the proud soul of the Shaw neighborhood in DC. The next time I’m in town I will have to see if Chef James Claudio’s food is as good as the concept, because everything else is winning.  Truly an amazing place..


The Fat Dog W. Hollywood’s Perfect Happy Hour

John Gladish knows the right ingredients to lure non West Hollywooders and locals into his neighborhood establishment. The canine inspired cafe provides a friendly setting that falls right in line with the strip of bars and cafes on N. Fairfax, and much like its name is a very dog-friendly spot. It has a decent amount of natural light which gives it an easy feel and is a relatively casual environment.  It has really knowledgeable and savvy, yet laid back and friendly servers.  Most importantly however, it truly has the best happy hour I’ve experienced in W. Hollywood so far.  The Fat Dog offers a very impressive happy hour lineup that ranges from $3-6 and believe it or not, the food is actually good.  The food is amazing rather.  I tried at least five different items and they were all extremely tasty and perfectly prepared.

The onion rings were like no onion rings I have ever had before. They were crisp with a non-messy size and texture, and they were perfectly battered and seasoned. The alternative/vegetarian burger would please any anti-meat eater, and surprisingly with all the garnishes were neat and easy to eat. The sweet potato fries were simply great and everything else at that point, the fried green olives, etc is a blur. Oh but wait!  I can’t forget the mini burgers.  They were amazing.  They looked and tasted perfect, and were extremely generous in size.

It’s difficult to have high standards and expectations with places that offer food and drinks for $3, and skepticism does tend to come to play especially when quality not quantity is what you’re after in larger cities.  The Fat Dog will definitely change your take on cheap eats however. With the combination of quantity and quality, atmosphere, and service, I’d say this is a winning happy hour experience for anyone who appreciates all of the above.

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