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Little Spoon -The Hippest Brunch Spot in the QC

If you are brain dead from the over-frequented brunch spots in Charlotte, and you haven’t revitalized your chakras on Selwyn Ave, you should take this opportunity to do so. Little Spoon is a hip neighborhood grill in Myers Park.  If that place had’ve been around in the late 90s, senior year would’ve missed me and that would’ve been my skip school jump off..

little spoon blog pic

Photo from Pinterest

With the chic-industrial decor being drenched in melodies of Biggie Smalls’s Ready to Die or Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, you can get lost in a pure moment of nostalgia.  You can expect a vibe along the lines of a more relaxed ambiance of Bottega Louis in downtown L.A minus the french pastries and less pretentious audience.  Plus the staff won’t give you the side eye for not looking fashionably intelligent enough.  ..Unapologetically urban, Ms. Alesha is doing her own thing in the Queen City.  ..and I ain’t mad.

Recommendation – Korean Wings. Ginormous and packed with flavor.

$$ – moderate.

Vibe – LES, BK, The Village, NYC.

Service – Cheerful and inviting.


A Louie inspired dream..

Not surprising at all that I would have dreams about Biggie Smalls and random Coachella’esque parades in Times Square.  I strongly believe that this musical smorgasbord of a dream was totally inspired by my trip to B. Louie the other day in downtown LA. Contrary to the posh atmosphere with pristeen decor in this relatively upscale restaurant, their musical selection oddly consists of old skool hip hop and random traces of bluegrass and 90s alternative.  Don’t at all be surprised if you roll up in there on a random Tuesday and hear tracks from the Notorious B.I.G’s Ready to Die or Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.  Not at all what anyone would expect at a place like this, but so appreciated.  I mean utterly appreciated..

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