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Truluck’s – San Diego, CA

Sometimes after a night of unexpected flight delays, rental car snafus, and hotel comps due to short staff headaches, the fraction of energy you have left at that point is devoted to heading to the first place one of your friends mention.  As luck may have it, San Diego doesn’t have a shortage of good restaurants, and therefore if a place is recommended by one of your well traveled friends, ditch the Locals/Yelp app (for once) and just go.


I’ll just say that never in a million years would I expect a bar of this caliber to offer such a low priced happy hour.  Then again if there are secret hh gems like The Palm and Morton’s that only the frequent travelers and hh connoisseurs know about, then I guess it makes all things possible.  Lucky for me, I caught Truluck’s happy hour by a hair and was able to get their featured Sauvignon Blanc for $6.  With a smooth vibe and piano bar’s theme, it made for a perfect date spot even.  Its ambience was definitely appropriate, and therefore was able to salvage my mood to a certain degree.  It also meant sipping on anything outside of the white wine family simply was not an option.


Truluck’s in University Center would’ve easily qualified for Happy Hour Obsession of The Week if it weren’t for the fact that I completely bypassed the hh menu and went straight to the regular menu.  It was for no reason in particular other than me simply having the urge to delve into the dinner menu offerings.  The light fare menu had a very generous selection of goodies but I went with the crab cake from the massive sized menu.  The one that always takes up the most space at the bar, causing everyone near you to start rearranging their place setting.  It was simply delicious, and was what you would expect of fresh catch SoCal seafood dining.

imageAfter another glass and a then expanded appetite, I decided on the  Swordfish Pontchartrain for a main entree. Smothered with crawfish tails, shrimp and blue crab in a spicy piquant Creole sauce, it was a flawless execution of this cajun style fish.  If it weren’t so busy at the bar I would’ve definitely summoned the bartender for a piece of bread to slam dunk into its amazing sauce.

With the classy yet not stuffy ambience, beautiful decor, gorgeous bar, expectedly sharp bar staff, great food, and surprisingly economical happy hour, I’d say Truluck’s serves as a great choice for anyone.  My experience allowed me to forget about all my traveling woes and focus on the things that really matter in life.  ..Great food in beautiful towns.


Catalina Island Birthday Secret

As if a complimentary roundtrip ride aboard the Catalina Express Boat on your birthday isn’t generous enough, you can also indulge in a free meal at Buffalo Nickel Restaurant on Avalon.  The other week I did exactly that. You see, Catalina island has two parts – Two Harbors and Avalon.  Avalon is from what I gather, for the first timers and Two Harbors is for the “I’m over Avalon and all the tourist traps, been there done that, gimme’ something a little more exclusive” travelers.  Since we were Catalina virgins and since Avalon has its long list of freebies for people celebrating their birthdays, we decided to venture over to that part of the island.  Part of that list was Buffalo Nickel which consisted of birthday girls and boys being able to choose any entree on their menu for free.  So I did what any recession influenced foodinista would do and made arrangements for their shuttle to pick us up.  Shortly afterwards they drove down the mountainside to us, brought us to the restaurant situated near the Catalina Island helicopter landing pad, and then we grabbed a table outside so we could elite people watch near the helicopters and their respective baggage claim. All in all the food was ok, but I have to say the warmness from the patrons and the staff, and the fact that the bartender clearly poured our drinks in a way that screamed “we desperately want you to come back since our restaurant is inconveniently located on the side of a cliff and no one can easily see it”, definitely made this a notable spot for a possible revisit.  So if you happen to be on the island on your birthday and you want to eat for free as well as magically get nice off of just one drink, come here. 

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