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Kevin Hart Says No to Pineapples, I Say Yes

Although I’m nowhere near the point in life of being faced with athritic type issues, I say yes to pineapples.  Even though I’m known to reference drinks that strengthen the heart and seal a wound, and even though we’re fully aware of Kevin Hart and his disdain of pineapples, here are a few things to consider. Granted comedian man isn’t speaking in a literal sense, but none-the-less the topic of pineapples has been completely redefined through his comedic gestures.  While these spirit lifting cocktails and fermented grape beverages that I speak of can figuratively strengthen the heart, this illustration below will clearly prove that there are fruits that literally will do just that. In addition to wine of course, which would eliminate the fermented grape beverages line.  Anyway, you might want to print this one out and stick it on the side of your refrigerator, or cube at work, or simply store it in your brain for future reference.  I think it’s ideal for everyone, but more specifically people like myself who shamefully have no problem getting Betty Crocker in the kitchen and baking a cake at 1:00 in the morning depending on how the day is going. It’s no mistake that fruit curbs sugar cravings.  So I say go for it.  Print this baby out and fight the infamous sugar obsession monster that you know you have.Photo courtesy of David Sommers

Photo courtesy of David Sommers


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