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New Brazilian Obsession – Bossa Nova LA

I saw an online banner on the hottest restaurants in LA the other day and immediately thought of my late night Sunday Greystone Manor excursion that immediately led to Bossa Nova in Hollywood a while back.  After a typical long night that one would expect of promoter etiquette, table service politics, and several bottles of adult juice at this extremely selective supperclub, quite predictably a post club food run was inevitable.  Berri’s is normally my first choice when running the streets late night in the city of cherubs.  However a new love was found that night thanks to one of my friends and her recommendation of what is now one of my favorite Brazilian spots in W. Hollywood.  I have frequented both the Sunset and W. Pico locations several times since, and am consistently satisfied.  I can always rely on a refreshing conversation with the hostess staff while waiting on my carryout order to take back to the hotel, and the food itself is absolutely incredible.  Depending on when you go, it’s not at all surprising to run into several noticeable celebrities, artists and industry types.  For the most part though, it’s a very family and couples friendly environment.  Food-wise I always gravitate towards the pasta due to my first incredible virgin Nova experience.

This was the Sunset Pasta w. Asparagus, boneless Chicken Breast, Onions and Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce.  It was very generous in portion, and it was exceptionally good.  I’ve also had their Tiriri Pasta..

Although a quite tasty dish and very popular according to my new hostess friend, it doesn’t pack as much flavor as the Sunset pasta.  The Sunset has a little bit more zest.  Their menu is amazing so you really can’t go wrong with any choice.  This I promise.  There’s nothing like fresh pasta made with fresh ingredients after a night of  **clearing throat** organized industry chaos.  So next time you’re in W. LA or any part of Hollywood, try it out.  Be careful though, you just may have a new Brazilian obsession in LA.


Urth Caffe – A True Organic Experience

For an organic people watching experience in LA go to Urth Caffe on Melrose in W. Hollywood.  For good looking food, ask for their menu.  Did I say that backwards??  Either way it is truly a good place to patronize.  The food is certified organic and fresh, and so are the patrons.  Well, the patrons are certainly the latter.  I’m not sure which was better, the food itself or the scenery.  It’s a must go if you’re in people watching mode and want to have a good spot to sit and chat for hours on end on one of the most popular street cafes in West Hollywood.  They have excellent tea and coffee as one would expect, since they won the best coffee in LA Award over a decade ago.  Their food is fresh and cafe simple and the sidewalk patrons are good company.  Their White Albacore Tuna Sandwich was simply perfect in addition to their Green Tea Bebero..

And the richness and diversity of their Three Layer Chocolate, Espresso and Vanilla Cheesecake resembled several of our cafe table mates…   

I may just have to pay a revisit before the week is out to take in some more.. organic scenery..

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