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A Pie A Pint A Slice & A Shot – The Pizza Pub NYC

This sort of random hybrid bar and pizza joint is like a drunk man’s miracle on the east side.  At one point in my life it seemed unusual to find the most random places in New York playing the best ‘lost tapes’ kind of of hip hop known to man.  From several years of living here though, I realize now it’s perfectly normal to stumble upon little nondescript places like these that oddly play the best music you will never hear on the radio, and have the best food and drink specials in the middle of the night.

The Pizza Pub at Gramercy Park had a halo hovering over it when we were about to pull off in my car after leaving the Daley show at Gramercy Theatre. My ‘all things healthy’ force field was penetrated, and I swear I think I heard trumpets or harps or something when I saw the sign that said “a pie a pint a slice & a shot”. My unexpecting foodie partner in crime aka FPIC had the same demeanor.  At that moment I knew this was the beginning of a bad, yet perfect closing of a great night in the city.  Just the cherry on the cake that I had no need for but wanted so badly..


I went straight to the bar and ordered a shot of Hennessey and my FPIC ordered his ‘I’m not drinking’ drink..  I sat down like a kid on their birthday, uncertain of which was potentially more exciting – the smooth taste of Hennessey running down my throat or the slice of heaven that was soon to be brought out by the late night pizza pub human gods. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be your regular low profit margin/high volume $1 slice type situations, and my inklings were correct.  The pizza was phenomenal.  Yes, phenomenal.  I was sober and not yet drunk, so this was a completely clear critique.  The guys in the back that I talked to were awesome.  The bartender was decent.  My stomach and my heart were merry. My FPIC’s feelings were mutual.  This place has a great business model, with a catchy yet smart concept.  You buy a shot, you get a free slice.  You pay $24, you get a pint and an incredible pie.  The siren call is the bar specials so look for them.  They have flat screens so it’s sports watcher conducive.  The food is good quality, the ingredients seem quite fresh.  I like this place a lot.  When you’re on the fence about food versus drinks versus price, and you’re in the mood for a slice, a good one, come here… If you don’t like loud, yet good music however, choose your battle and rethink it..


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