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The Best Mexican Food in Brooklyn.. Tepango

Brooklyn is full of surprises, and Tepango Taqueira is no exception. I didn’t know this little Clinton Hill corner diamond on Myrtle and Classon had this kind of remarkable cuisine tucked inside. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ in this instance certainly still holds true. Stopping in for some quick mexican food before Brooklyn Tap House and running out on the sandwich I ordered at the gas station was by far the best, trifling decision I ever made. The previous gas station shenanigans across the street is for another entry..

That’s neither here nor there. The focus should be on the Tepango treasures I devoured before Tap House….

The Tacos Bistec and the Quesadillas Con Carne were insane.  Flavorful, with unquestionably fresh ingredients, I couldn’t have asked for better results to an impulsive, last minute decision. It was perfect and divine.  In my previous travels, I have had some really incredible mexican food.  Mainly in LA and Dallas.  I have to say, never would I have expected Texas and California style authentic Mexican food to be attainable in ‘err uh Brooklyn.  Well it is, and it most certainly gets my Obsessionista stamp of approval.  So next time you’re in Clinton Hill, be sure to stop by.  Thank me later.. oh and, stay away from the gas station across the street.  Buen provecho!!



Fox Restaurant Concepts Blanco, Phoenix

As I mentioned before, my foodie palate is non-discriminate based on visual, and whether it’s brown paper bag or expensive dishware I like what I like.  If I haphazardly stumble across the next great food item, I owe it to you – my readers, to inform you of such hallmark discoveries.  In this case my major discovery was at the moment, truly seemed like the country’s best quesadilla.  For me a quesadilla is a safety net.  Whenever I go to a new Mexican spot without the luxury of time or patience to experiment with their menu, that is exactly what I order.  So when I found Fox Restaurant Concepts Blanco at the Phoenix Airport, I ran up to the little “to go” section of the restaurant and ordered the Three Cheese Quesadilla with the chicken.

Having a boarding flight, with little time to waste before they called my section, I ate it straight from the box.  When I tell you this was one of the best, actually scratch that – this was the best chicken quesadilla I have ever had in my life, I tell you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  For one, this quesadilla did not just come with your standard Monterey Jack and Cheddar, but with a three cheese blend of Oaxaca, Asadero, and Manchego.  It also came with pico de gallo and Crema Fresca.  I rarely find quesadillas made with Manchego.  That may have been what possibly put me over the edge and made me look like a homeless person that just received their first meal of the week waiting at the gate.  So there you have it folks, Fox Restaurant Concepts Blanco, conveniently located at the very busy Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  Serving you the best quesadilla in all of Phoenix, if not the nation.

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